Carbon Neutral U

Bryon Thompson

Very good, comprehensive article in Metropolis Magazine last month on the greening of American Universities.

Carbon Neutral U Andrew Blum Metropolis Magazine 2/20/08

Infrastructure is hot—hotter arguably than research or teaching about sustainability. It is as if the ivory tower has looked out to the world and seen a choking planet, and its first response is to look inward again at its own activities—building designs, power plants, and transportation systems.

“Ivy Plus” refers to an existing loose confederation of the nation’s top schools: the old Ivy sports league plus Johns Hopkins, MIT, Stanford, and the University of Chicago. As sustainability increasingly became a topic of conversation among the institutions’ leadership, Levin convened the group last year to shape a shared sustainability agenda.

A couple recent articles on the relative importance of LEED rankings here and here.

Plus, check out this great blog that covers all things sustainable and collegiate.

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