Note for Artists: Using dead birds in art is illegal

nelson.jpg “RANDALL NELSON of Willington stands next to the display case, now empty, that he had used to display dead birds….” Photo by MICHAEL MCANDREWS February 20, 2008 Hartford Courant

Road Kill Silenced: An artist’s take on disappearing bird species runs afoul of state and federal laws. STEPHANIE SUMMERS Hartford Courant via Fox News 2/25/08

“Willington artist Randall Nelson thought that he was making a provocative yet pro-migratory bird statement when he dyed dead birds and put them on display during an open weekend show at Stafford’s town hall in early February.

“Nelson couldn’t have seen the flock of trouble coming, even with binoculars.

“Thinking that Nelson had killed the birds, which were actually victims of cats and cars, viewers left anonymous notes calling him ‘vile’ and notified town authorities, who ordered the exhibit covered up.

“Then the state Department of Environmental Protection swooped in….”

“Willington artist Randall Nelson got more than he bargained for. His satirical exhibit ‘Catch and Release’ was meant to make a statement about the gradual loss of cherished bird species in Connecticut. Instead, it exposed the misplaced enforcement priorities of the state Department of Environmental Protection.”Mr. Nelson’s Satire February 26, 2008 Hartford Courant

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