Waiting for Gaw-doh

Talented Yale thespians mispronounce ‘Godot’ Josh Purtle Yale Daily News 2/22/08

“Overall, ‘Godot’ is a polished, coherent show. Beckett’s pacing, anxious rhythms, his nightmarish flashes and ecstasies are preserved; the color and quality of light all compliment the grayish, barren feel of the text.

“That said, Zackheim has made some poor stylistic choices. In particular, his decision to have his actors pronounce Godot (formerly ‘Guh-DOH’) as ‘GAW-doh’ is almost criminal; it makes explicit a name-game that Beckett, arguably, never intended. It is true that directors have a prerogative and even obligation to make this sort of ‘artistic’ alteration, but Vladimir’s endless harping on ‘GAW-doh’ is irritating; the repeated phrase ‘We’re waiting for GAW-doh’ is jarring rather than haunting.”

Posted by: Tanya


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