Celebrity book designer Chip Kidd visits New Haven

“Chip Kidd designs some six dozen books a year. Some, he also edits. Occasionally, he even writes one. It’s been seven years since Kidd’s first novel, The Cheese Monkeys. Its sequel, The Learners—The Book After The Cheese Monkeys is the reason for his two stops in New Haven next Wednesday.”

Arts: Oh, You Kidd: You don’t need to judge every Chip Kidd book by its cover. By Christopher Arnott, February 14, 2008 New Haven Advocate

Chip Kidd, quoted at GETTING TO KNOW : CHIP KIDD: (See examples of his book designs via link….)“I’m a matchmaker, not a pimp. I design jackets that are elaborate versions of name tags at singles parties. I introduce the prospective buyer to the text, and they either hit it off and go home together or don’t…The whole concept of being a ‘celebrity’ book designer is completely insane, a total oxymoron. It’s like being the world’s most famous plumber or something.”

Posted by: Tanya


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