“You can’t have caviar five nights in a row”

Richard Perry/The New York Times

Marking his re-appointment to the School of Architecture, the Times pays homage to Dean Stern, praising the reinterpretation of tradition he has applied towards his commissions and applauding the open-minded direction he has taken the school as Dean.

Building Respect at Yale Robin Pogrebin New York Times 12/16/07

“For Mr. Stern that world tends to consist of stone or brick buildings with a heft and gravitas that brazenly pay tribute to buildings that have come before. ‘You can’t have a world that is built of only original things, where every shape is different from every other,’ he said. ‘You can, but then it becomes a World Fair. You can’t have caviar five nights in a row.'”

“But even those who dislike — or even dismiss — his architecture as retrograde say he has transformed Yale’s Architecture School from a complacent institution that mirrored the likes and dislikes of its deans into a vibrant nexus of ideas and debate in which multiple views are represented and conflict encouraged.”

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