New York Sun article on Rudolph building renovations

“Asked what needed to be restored in the Rudolph building, Mr. Stern said: ‘Everything.’ In some places, the rebar was coming through the concrete, which had been patched over with precast concrete panels. Rudolph’s original ceilings, which were sprayed asbestos, were ripped out, probably in the 1970s, Mr. Stern said. The building had never had air-conditioning, which made it unbearable in warm weather. The heating and electrical systems needed updating, as did the lighting system, which was inefficient by today’s standards. The original windows, which were not insulated, had been replaced in 1994, but with windows much smaller than the ones Rudolph used; they are being replaced again.

“‘The building is [stripped] down now to where it was six months from completion, in 1962,’ Mr. Stern said in an interview with The New York Sun. ‘The windows are being put in as we speak.'”

Pennies To Build, Millions To Restore New York Sun KATE TAYLOR 11/26/07

Posted by: Tanya


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