More reviews for “Trouble in Mind”

“How often do we accept stories about one culture told by an outsider, perhaps motivated by his own agenda? Could a gentile tell a chapter of the Holocaust?

“Sometimes no hidden agenda appears, as in Ken Burns’ documentary on jazz or the African-American prize fighter of a century ago, Jack Johnson.

“‘Trouble in Mind,’ Alice Childress’ all-but-forgotten play of racial division and perspective, explores this idea in, literally, black-and-white terms.”

‘Trouble in Mind’ finds new life in Yale Rep’s seamless production E. Kyle Minor 11/3/07 New Haven Register

A Voice That Still Resonates In Yale Rep’s Tale Of Racial Conflict DEBORAH HORNBLOW Hartford Courant 11/5/07″But as Childress’ humor gradually yields to the outrage simmering below it, ‘Trouble’ erupts with somewhat less power than it might. ”

Posted by Tanya


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