Universities compete in ‘green rivalry’

Yale has made a commitment that all new buildings constructed on campus will meet the standards known as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™, which, “ranks buildings as certified silver, gold or platinum in five different categories, ranging from sustainable construction to low energy emissions.”

‘Sustainability’ a catchphrase among universities Raymond Carlson Yale Daily 10/29/07

Other universities have adopted somewhat different approaches towards sustainability. Instead of focusing on a small number of new buildings, Cornell plans to spend resources retrofitting older, less energy-efficient buildings. And Jack Cleary of Stanford explains, “Our experience shows that blind adherence to the LEED standard can result in less than optimal choices for our buildings. Our focus is on designing and building high-performance buildings, not chasing LEED points.”

Read about plans for Yale’s newest construction project, a new School of Management campus designed by Foster + Partners, here and here.

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