Adelheid Roosen has received threats against her work

Behind The Veil: Exploring Love, Sex And Freedom Among Muslim Women Frank Rizzo, Hartford Courant 10/21/07

“[Adelheid Roosen]…says she has received threats against presentation of her work, made more real by the killing of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who had made a controversial film about Islam culture, and was murdered in Amsterdam by jihadist Mohammed Bouyeri in 2004.

“She praised her Muslim actors in her play, when given the choice to continue with the show or not, in their decision to persevere after the threats.

“‘That was so touching to me,’ says Roosen. ‘The actors, some of whom have children, were extremely courageous.’

“But she says she is not naive or unrealistic about taking chances and prefers to think she navigates cautiously in a kind of ‘demilitarized zone’ between two warring factions. ‘I’m provocative in one way,’ she says, ‘but not provocative to hurt others and I think that’s the difference.'”

Veiled Monologues @ the Yale Rep

“Submission”–the short film Theo van Gogh was murdered for:

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