Forestry Building to Set New Sustainability Standard


Via the School of Forestry: “Kroon Hall will be Yale’s greenest building and a symbol of the School’s ideals and values in built form. To create this inspiration and instructional model of sustainable design, F&ES brought together the some of the world’s leading architects and engineers: Hopkins Architects, Centerbrook Architects and Planners, ARUP, aetelier ten, and Olin Partnership. The building is currently on a path to go beyond the “Platinum” rating given by U.S. Green Building Council through their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. Kroon will set a new standard for sustainable design.”

Check out floor plans of the new building here and read more on the Yale facilities website here.

Renovations strive to cut emissions Raymond Carlson Yale Daily 10/11/07

Building to embody “green” ideal Catherine Cheney Yale Daily 10/19/06

Yale’s Plan to be the ‘Greenest’ University Arlene Getz Newsweek 1/26/07

15 Green Colleges and Universities Grist 8/10/07


2 responses to “Forestry Building to Set New Sustainability Standard

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