More on City Wide Open Studios

Wishin’ and Open
Now 10 years old, New Haven City-Wide Open Studios has been a dream come true for artists in search of community.
By Christopher Arnott, New Haven Advocate 10/11/07

“Open Studios—the visual arts grab-bag that connects hundreds of painters, sculptors, potters and other artists with thousands of eager onlookers annually—turns 10 this year. But to the hardy New Haven arts community, its genesis goes back 20 years at least.”

Art Abounds
This year marks a rare repeat location for Open Studios’ alternative space. Here’s how it looked in 2006. By Tyler Theofilos New Haven Advocate 10/11/07 (Contains a rough schedule of events)

Open Season: Is City-Wide Open Studio the latest New Haven gentrification project? Read between the carefully drawn lines.
By Freda Moon New Haven Advocate 10/11/07

“Yale is one of the sponsors of CWOS, a visual arts festival that allows local artists — nearly 500 in all — the opportunity to exhibit their work. Over the course of the 20-day event, the public has the chance to meet area artists by visiting them in their own studios or in one expansive “Alternative Studio” space. Each year, the event draws to New Haven and its surrounding towns thousands of visitors, who explore city neighborhoods on foot or by bicycle, bus or car as they enjoy artistic offerings.”Festival invites public to enjoy area artists’ creative offerings Yale Bulletin October 5, 2007|Volume 36, Number 5

Read more coverage by Hank Hoffman @ The Connecticut Arts Scene. 

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