The Architect’s Table: Swid Powell and Postmodern Design

sidechair.jpg“THIS SIDE CHAIR by Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi is on display at Yale.”
“A new exhibit…at Yale University Art Gallery….features pieces from the 1984 Swid Powell collection and such later objects as geometric silver candlesticks designed by Robert Venturi, iconic fish-stemmed goblets by Frank Gehry and streamlined teapots by the now-ubiquitous Target icon Michael Graves.”

The Objets D’Art Of Architects ADRIAN BRUNE Hartford Courant 9/21/07

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2 responses to “The Architect’s Table: Swid Powell and Postmodern Design

  1. Swid Powell objects have been included in numerous museum exhibits over the past twenty years; however this is the first exhibit to address the production of the firm in a more comprehensive manner. With the exception of two chairs manufactured by Knoll (Robert Venturi & Richard Meier) all of the about 45 objects presented here were produced for Swid Powell. This compact exhibit is culled from over 200 objects and commemorates the promised gift to Yale of the Swid Powell archives made by the firm’s founder, Nan Swid. In addition to some of the firm’s iconic designs, the exhibit includes prototypes for several designs which ultimately did not make it into production. Also included here are several objects from the rarely seen 1990 “Architects Collection” of elaborate limited edition designs. The exhibit is handsomely installed with Venturi-inspired super-graphics and informative texts. Surprisingly missing from the exhibit are any examples of the many objects designed for the firm by Richard Meier, the most prolific of the Swid Powell architect-designers. Although a more thorough examination of the Swid Powell’s role in the popularization of the post-modern style is still needed, this exhibit presents a thoughtful starting point.

  2. mahfoud mohammed

    salut ca v moi mohammed mahfoud ou maroco je cherch une unuversity pour lanscription bon done les condition pour fini les etude

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