Good Urban Planning is Healthy

(Photo: Peter Funch)

An interesting article in New York magazine by Clive Thompson recently questioned why the life expectancy of New York residents is significantly higher then the national average. While much of this has to do with more wealthy people moving into the city, Thompson argues that the structure of the city itself also contributes to the healthiness of its residents. New Yorkers walk a lot and do it fast. Thompson also cites the proximity of parks and the positive benefits of community living as factors.

He doesn’t fail to note though that the population of the city is basically self-selecting. The Bronx, which hasn’t experienced the gentrification that the rest of the city has, has actually seen a decrease in life-expectancy recently.

Why New Yorkers Last Longer Clive Thompson 8/20/07 New York Magazine

Also interesting is this article from the New Yorker which makes the case that New York is the greenest city in America.

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