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Simulation image, Daisy Chain Twist, 2004-5. Jennifer Steinkamp

Northrup, JoAnne with contributions by Dave Hickey and Dan Cameron. Jennifer Steinkamp. New York: Prestel Verlag & San Jose Museum of Art, 2006.

This monograph on the artist Jennifer Steinkamp jumped off the shelf with its holographic cover. Previously unfamiliar with Steinkamp’s work, the book is a solid introduction to her rather intriguing career as an artist working with digital/computer animation for close to 30 years. Influenced by California Light & Space art (James Turrell, Robert Irwin), experimental film, and a dash of 1960s psychedelia, Steinkamp’s art is an odd combination of a trippy light show and rigorous formal invesitgations of light, space, and technology.

The artist also has a cool website with additional information.

Posted by: Ian M.


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