Hidden Van Gogh, Fake Van Gogh

vegetation.jpg “Wild Vegetation” (Van Gogh Museum Via Associated Press. Found at the Washington Post. )

“The Ravine.” Image found at MFA Boston.

Van Gogh original hidden under MFA Boston painting (Story found at WHDH-TV News)

“A new Van Gogh painting has been found hidden under another painting at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

“The work ‘Wild Vegetation’ was discovered in an x-ray of another Van Gogh painting, ‘The Ravine.'”

Also see The Washington Post: X-Ray of a Van Gogh Reveals 2nd Painting August 4, 2007

And: A day in the life of Van Gogh’s legacy: one work is debunked, another is discovered By Kathy Marks 8/4/07 The Independent

“A Van Gogh vanished in Australia yesterday. In the United States, a Van Gogh appeared.

“The first, a portrait attributed for the past 70 years to the Dutch master, was declared by experts to have been painted by someone else, probably one of his contemporaries. The second, a landscape, was discovered concealed beneath another Van Gogh painting.”

“Head of a Man.” ABC News

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