David Adjaye: Making Public Buildings

Pursuing Public Space in a Time of Private Interest NICOLAI OUROUSSOFF, 7/31/07 New York Times

Review of “David Adjaye: Making Public Buildings,” an exhibition at the Studio Museum in Harlem.

“What you are left with is the impression of a gifted young architect just beginning to find his voice. You want him to push his ideas and his architectural vocabulary further.”

“By rights, at 36, Adjaye should have 10 more years detailing drainpipes in some corporate colossus. Instead, he became a player years ago – freakish in a profession in which 40-year-olds are deemed bright young things – with a string of photogenic villas for Britain’s modern Medicis, designed with ex-business partner William Russell. The client list? Ewan McGregor, Jake Chapman, Alexander McQueen, Chris Ofili, Juergen Teller, a handful of anonymous multimillionaires, plus the odd cool bar (London’s Social) and slinky boutique (Browns Focus in Mayfair). His computers are now stocked with designs for Oslo’s Nobel Peace Centre, Boston’s performing arts centre, New York’s Museum of Contemporary Art. To win these commissions proves he has been recognised internationally….”Behind the facade Tom Dyckhoff Guardian February 8, 2003

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