New at the A&A Library, Creative Time: The Book


Experimental public art troupe, Creative Time, has published a book and true to form, the book itself is the result of an art installation. Each book cover is a unique display of colors, sounds and weather recorded in New York. The A&A’s copy of the book shows information collected from Battery Park on 9/8/06 at 12:34PM. Find information about the making of the cover and more here.

From the book description: “For more than 30 years, Creative Time has been an avatar of public art in the city, working to engage art and the environment, artists and the public. Creative Time: The Book shows how a single organization made it possible for thousands of artists to present awe-inspiring works that engage, taunt, seduce, enliven, and transform a city.

“Creative Time artworks have been seen in spaces both lofty and modest. Light projections have appeared on the Beaux-Arts entrance to the New York Public Library and from Ground Zero in the now famous Tribute in Light Memorial to 9/11. Signage has popped up on Times Square’s Astrovision screen and along the boardwalks of Coney Island. Music has blasted in Central Park as well as under tunnels in DUMBO, Brooklyn.”

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One response to “New at the A&A Library, Creative Time: The Book

  1. if anybody sees this book (page 111) and wants a watercolor, let me know and i’ll mail you one

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