“The Eternal City”

Rome Reborn project / AP

The recently unveiled Rome Reborn project, developed by the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, has digitally recreated Rome as it is thought to have looked at the peak of its power in 320 AD.

Designers hope to make the whole 3-Dimensional simulation available in about a year, but a limited sample of the project can be viewed here. Read more about virtual reality projects by clicking on ‘virtual reality’ in the tag cloud, which is found along the right side of this page, underneath recent posts.

Explore Rome and all its glory, with just a click Tracy Wilkinson, LA Times June 16, 2007

“Using historic maps, laser scans of Roman structures as they are today and the expertise of archeologists, artists and architects from Europe and the U.S., the creators of Rome Reborn have simulated 7,000 buildings and 31 monuments, including the Colosseum and others that are in ruins, such as the Temple of Venus and the Roman Senate.”

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One response to ““The Eternal City”

  1. Wow! This is fantastic. I’ll be sure to check out again on my next trip to Rome.

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