The Art World of Second Life


Reuter’s Second Life correspondent Rubina Reuters (aka Rubina Madan) weighs the pros and cons of being an artist in the Second Life virtual world.

Artists struggle but don’t starve in Second Life Rubina Reuters Rueters 4/13/07

“Dancoyote Antonelli (whose real-life name is DC Spensley) pioneered hyperformalism ā€“ an art movement that creates abstract art in the digital world.”

“‘I have been creating digital work for nearly two decades on faith that something like Second Life would appear as a proper forum for the work,’ Antonelli said in an interview at his Second Life gallery. ‘The Web, like TV, makes all things flat, equally null. ā€¦ In SL, it is magically transformed into the fine art it was intended to be.'”

Visit Spensley’s museum of hyperformalism here. And more here from SLART, a critical review and journal of the arts in Second Life.

Plus, read how Paris residents are using Second Life to redesign a central area of the city here. And more on collaborative architecture in Second Life in this old post.

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