Consignment Shop Run by Yale Drama Students

“When shopping to help set a play, the first-year Yale Drama School student scours shops and attics for the ‘clothing that best fits the personality’ of the characters. On occasion, he comes across other treasures – the a 1960s-era tie, a vintage Lacoste sweater, a pair of Vans sneakers – that he buys for their nearly unique appeal. For example, when Brown returned last winter from a visit to his hometown in Idaho he brought back five vintage cowboy shirts he’d found in antique shops….

“And Brown had a cool place to bring the shirts. He hung them up in Annex, the recently opened Audubon Arts district boutique he helped found with six of his friends and colleagues at the Yale Drama School. Conceived and developed by costume designers and set builders, Annex features clothes, jewelry, paintings, furniture and knickknacks either made or acquired by Yale students with an eye for aesthetic.”

All The World’s A Shop: Yale Drama Students Own, Run Consignment Boutique
April 18, 2007 By ADRIAN BRUNE Hartford Courant

Drama students open new store
Ambika Bhushan, Yale Daily News, January 29, 2007 Posted by: Tanya A.


2 responses to “Consignment Shop Run by Yale Drama Students

  1. Carla Gilliland

    I was reading your site and was interested in how you started your consignment shop? I am a local student at a small town college and would like to have a shop to give back to the community. The university is a liberal arts school that performs for the community. I would like to have materials available to the school students at a reasonable prices.


    Carla Gilliland

  2. Hey, I really love old retro stuff and vintage furniture is one of my favorites. The old stuff was made well and lasts, not like the new cheap stuff.

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