Once you start collecting art, it’s impossible to stop

“Pumpkin with a Stable-lad” by George Stubbs is the first British painting bought by Paul Mellon. Image taken from ArtMag.

“‘As anyone who has started to collect anything knows, it is impossible to stop,’ [Paul] Mellon wrote in his autobiography, ‘Reflections in a Silver Spoon.’ ‘Neither Bunny [his wife] nor I have ever felt a driving urge to own any picture just because it is important and certainly not because we consider it a good investment.

“‘We both like to wander down the byways of art, too, looking for something that catches our eye or for minor works that nonetheless recall happy memories or otherwise appeal to our heart.'”

Paul Mellon’s Gift: Founder Of Yale Center For British Art Was, Above All Else, A Collector. April 17, 2007, ADRIAN BRUNE, Hartford Courant

Exhibit celebrates centennial of Yale benefactor Paul Mellon April 13, 2007|Volume 35, Number 25 Yale Bulletin Posted by: Tanya A.


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