Käthe Kollwitz: Intemperate Times 1918-1934

Käthe Kollwitz, “Mothers,” 1919, lithograph -The Walter Landauer Collection, The Benton

The Anti-War Imagery Of German Artist Kathe Kollwitz Still Resonates Today April 12, 2007 Lisa Gates Hartford Courant

“The exhibition, Käthe Kollwitz: Intemperate Times 1918-1934, features 30 prints from the museum’s collection, as well as a video installation, in fear, by Leslee Broersma, for a contemporary twist on some of Kollwitz’s concerns. ‘This is a first step in extending our human rights exhibitions back in time to use historic art to present issues that are relative today and as a springboard into producing discussion and even challenges among the visitors that we have,’ explains Steven Kern, director of the museum. ‘It allows us to make a statement in art that ideally will generate discussion, make people think a little differently.'”

 Posted by: Tanya A.


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