Future of the Skyscraper?


Italian architect David Fischer has announced construction plans for a new skyscraper design based on his concept of ‘Dynamic Architecture’. The first of his so-called ‘Da-Vinci Towers’ will be built in Dubai, currently the fastest growing city in the world.

The building, which is described as being “rich with intelligent systems”, will showcase numerous architectural innovations including the ability to generate surplus energy from 48 wind turbines mounted between floors and photovoltaic cells on the roof of each apartment unit. The tower also features elevators for cars and a retractable heliport for a “quick return home”.

Italian creativity brings new era of architecture to Dubai AME Info April 11, 2007

“Thanks to a mechanism that allows each floor to rotate autonomously by virtue of voice activated technology, it will be possible to select the view from the window at any moment, deciding how to use the daylight or to let it rotate slowly as viewers enjoy the surroundings.”

More on the towers here. And read more about the growing partnership between Italian firms and the UAE here. Plus, check out plans for Dubai Sports City, “the world’s first integrated sports city”, here.

Posted by: Chris Z


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