A Rudolph Road-Trip


Image credit: Uli Seit for The New York Times

Reacting to the recent demolision of a Paul Rudolph house in Westport, CT and the potential destruction of more of Rudolph’s buildings, Fred Bernstein chronicles his Rudolph-themed roadtrip, including a trip to New Haven, in a recent Times article.

A Road Trip Back to the Future Fred A. Bernstein New York Times March 23, 2007

“From Boston, it’s a two-hour drive…to New Haven and Rudolph’s most famous building: the Art and Architecture Building at Yale…Rudolph designed half a dozen other buildings in New Haven. At his Temple Street Parking Garage, the lampposts are concrete curlicues. The Mansfield Street Apartments, owned by Yale, are a kind of hill town of brick and concrete blocks. And at his Greeley Memorial Lab, soaring spaces supported by treelike columns have been broken up into a rabbit warren of offices, a virtual shantytown within what was meant to be a light-filled pavilion. Dorie Baker, a spokesman for Yale, said, ‘The administration is well aware that something needs to be done.'”

Note: The Times only offers it’s articles for free for one week but has recently began offering a complimentary subscription to anyone with a valid college or university email address. Also, if you can access the Yale network try LexisNexis Academic Universe for older articles.

Posted by: Chris Z


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