Fair Use and James Joyce

The Fair Use Project (FUP) is part of the Center for Internet and Society (CIS), an arm of the Stanford Law School.  FUP has done significant work in the area of fair use in the arts. They have been engaged in a high-profile case involving a Stanford professor’s battles with the James Joyce Estate over the use of written materials in a biography on Lucia Joyce, the author’s daughter.

“Last June we sued the Estate of James Joyce to establish the right of Stanford Professor Carol Shloss to use copyrighted materials in connection with her scholarly biography of Lucia Joyce. Shloss suffered more than ten years of threats and intimidation by Stephen James Joyce, who purported to prohibit her from quoting from anything that James or Lucia Joyce ever wrote for any purpose. As a result of these threats, significant portions of source material were deleted from Shloss’s book, Lucia Joyce: To Dance In The Wake.”

The case was recently settled. Read about it here.

Posted by: Ian McDermott


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