Paul Rudolph’s Ashes + Mental Hospital

Image of Paul Rudolph’s ashes

Ashes to Ashes Philip Nobel, Metropolis Insites 1998

“MIT-based artist Mark Bain, who describes himself as an ‘anti-architect,’ tracked down Rudolph’s ashes (which had been divided between two friends) and released them into the A+A Building as part of what he called his Ventilator Project.”

Buildings can drive you crazy, but can they help restore mental health?
Philip Nobel,“The Boston Government Service Center (BGSC) looks like the last place one would want to go for help. Designed by Paul Rudolph immediately after he completed the Art and Architecture Building at Yale in 1963, the BGSC incorporates all of that earlier building’s cave-dwelling mystery and brave experimentation with the abrasive qualities of concrete. But it was designed on a much grander scale–the BGSC occupies a superblock on the lowest slope of Beacon Hill, consolidated in what might be the nation’s most infamous act of postwar urban renewal, the destruction of Boston’s West End–and with more harrowing possibilities for unhinging the minds of those unfortunates inside.”


One response to “Paul Rudolph’s Ashes + Mental Hospital

  1. anyone out there know where the plans of the Lindemann mental Health Center are – and which psychologists or brand of psychology Rudolph ascribed to in its design?

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